We Are Now CogCo!

We Are Now CogCo!

We are delighted to announce that we will be known by our new name: CogCo.

Since we launched our company, we have found that most of the organisations we work with slowly began to call us CogCo.

It started with tables in documents that were not large enough to accommodate “the Cognition Company”; quickly moved to references in emails; and then, in short order, also included how we referred to ourselves in meetings and discussions.

One of the guiding principles of behavioural science is to remove unnecessary frictions in processes and systems. And to observe how people are actually behaving in practice, which includes how we use language in common parlance.

So it feels like a logical next step to change our name in line with usage.

We hope you like our new name, and find it ever-so-slightly-easier to refer to us in future!