When is a Longer Wait Better than a Shorter Wait?

Imagine that you call your local GP practice and are swiftly placed on hold. You are about to hang up, but you are informed that you are fifth in line. Expecting a short wait, you decide to stay on the phone. Five minutes later, you are told that you have progressed to fourth. After another […]

Omission Bias, the Trolley Problem and COVID-19 Vaccine Uptake

Imagine that you are standing beside a train track. A group of five people is crossing the track. Suddenly you notice a train barrelling uncontrollably towards the group. There is a fork in the track ahead of the group. Beside you is a lever, which you can pull to divert the train at the fork, […]

How Our Existing Beliefs About Vaccines Lead Us To Misinterpret New Information

As Covid vaccines have continued to be rolled out across the world, ‘vaccine hesitancy’ has become the subject of growing media interest. In some countries, surveys show a remarkable reduction in vaccine hesitancy. A recent survey of the UK population shows that 93% of people would accept a vaccine in the UK, up from 78% […]