False Positives and False Certainties of Covid-19 Test Results

Imagine that you have recently been asked to take a Covid-19 test – maybe you are a resident of Lambeth, a school pupil, or about to travel abroad. You receive a message with your results, which reads as follows: ‘Your recent coronavirus test has come back positive’. Take a moment to consider how you would […]

How Our Existing Beliefs About Vaccines Lead Us To Misinterpret New Information

As Covid vaccines have continued to be rolled out across the world, ‘vaccine hesitancy’ has become the subject of growing media interest. In some countries, surveys show a remarkable reduction in vaccine hesitancy. A recent survey of the UK population shows that 93% of people would accept a vaccine in the UK, up from 78% […]

Understanding the Lockdown Time Warp

What would you say if someone asked you how long it has been since the start of lockdown in the UK? After a bit of head scratching, you would likely arrive at the objectively correct answer. But what if you were asked how long it has felt like since the start of lockdown? That’s a […]