Introducing the Behaviour Change Playbook

Introducing the Behaviour Change Playbook

The Behaviour Change Playbook is the new framework we’ve developed at CogCo to help our partners better understand the behaviour of their users, customers, or employees, and grow their businesses through the design and development of new solutions.

There are many excellent methods, platforms and tools to guide the research and development process, many of which we at CogCo have collectively created, used and taught for years.

However, none of these frameworks actively prompt you with suggestions at each step in the journey. The Behaviour Change Playbook does this by showing you what the potential options are, based on what other people have done before. We see it as akin to a ‘choose your own adventure’ story. The use of prompts makes it much easier for you to find answers at each step, with the option you choose determining the path you take. The evidence shows that using prompts in this way helps to clarify the meaning of questions and introduces options that might not otherwise have been considered.

The different paths you are prompted to choose between are set around the six separate steps that make up the Behaviour Change Playbook:

  1. Goal: What is your ultimate goal?
  2. Behaviour: Who needs to do what to achieve this goal?
  3. Context: Where and when do you interact with them?
  4. Insight: Why aren’t they or why might they behave this way?
  5. Solution: What will you do to change their behaviour?
  6. Outcome: How will you know if it’s worked?




Each step is designed to be easy to engage with, helping to create the link to the next step in the journey towards developing a behavioural solution. For example, step two encourages you to identify the behaviour you want to see happening. You are prompted to specify whose behaviour you want to change, and what you want them to start or stop doing.




Doing this at the Behaviour step allows you to subsequently consider the context in which these specific behaviours occur and the relevant insights into how we might enable people to behave in the desired way.

Sitting behind the Behaviour Change Playbook is a large and growing database, which allows us to tailor the prompts you are given based on the industry, existing research and past projects, as well as the answer to the previous question.

We’re excited to see how the Behaviour Change Playbook continues to grow, develop and get smarter by working with our partners. Get in touch with us if you’d like to use it!