Healthcare and Behaviour: Vinehealth

The global pandemic focused the minds of scientists, clinicians, government officials and pharmaceutical companies on developing clinical solutions. Vaccines were developed in record time, and new clinical practices and treatments were found for those who fell ill. Alongside this largely clinical research, however, emerged a parallel exercise, focused on human behaviour. It became apparent that, […]

We Are Now CogCo!

We are delighted to announce that we will be known by our new name: CogCo. Since we launched our company, we have found that most of the organisations we work with slowly began to call us CogCo. It started with tables in documents that were not large enough to accommodate “the Cognition Company”; quickly moved […]

Omission Bias, the Trolley Problem and COVID-19 Vaccine Uptake

Imagine that you are standing beside a train track. A group of five people is crossing the track. Suddenly you notice a train barrelling uncontrollably towards the group. There is a fork in the track ahead of the group. Beside you is a lever, which you can pull to divert the train at the fork, […]